Hardware Repair Procedures


1. Call the ISI SUNY EOC Technical Support Helpdesk at 800-706-5476 and identify yourself as a SUNY-EOC site in need of technical support. If possible, please call ISI from a telephone in the lab or room where the equipment is that requires technical support.
  2. Explain the problem you are experiencing to the ISI Technician in full detail. (If a technician is not immediately available, please leave detailed contact information.)
  3. If it is determined to be a software problem, then ISI should be able to fix the problem remotely (from the ISI office). They will advise you over the phone how and when the problem will be resolved.
  4. If it is determined to be a monitor or system unit problem, the ISI Technician will ask you to disconnect and box the hardware in need of repair( each site should have kept boxes for the IBM monitor and system unit ).
  5. The item(s) in need of repair should be shipped to:

Instructional Systems, Inc.
Att: SUNY EOC Technical Support
401 Hackensack Ave.
Hackensack, NJ 07601

Be sure to include a note in the box with your site information (address, contact name, and phone number).

The items will then be replaced/repaired by ISI, and returned to your site.

Upon their return, the repaired/replaced items must be unboxed and reconnected. Please call the ISI SUNY EOC Technical Support Helpdesk at 800-706-5476 if you need instructions or assistance reinstalling the repaired equipment.

If it is determined that a mouse, headset, or keyboard needs to be replaced, ISI will ask you to ship back the broken item(s) and will ship you a new/replacement item(s) immediately.

ATTAIN Technical Support Center